Business Casual

OOTD: Casual Friday!

So this is my first post on my new website and I am so excited to start sharing soooo much more!  I had been holding off on posting because I was in the process of changing directions with the site.  Now that the site is complete and live, I thought I'd start with a regular post that I plan to feature weekly (at minimum 1) - an Outfit of the Day post!  

So to begin, I though I'd start with an outfit I would generally wear for work.  Given I have a flexible work schedule (I own my own company and I'm a multi-media journalist), I usually dress up a bit but not too overly dressed - more business casual.  Here I am wearing one of my staples, one of my fave tops - my black turtleneck body suit from Topshop and a skirt I've had forever from Bebe (I'm pretty sure they don't make it anymore but they have lots of great pencil skirts for night and day).  I am also rocking some extremely affordable and adorable shoes I got from Maykool (and while they were very inexpensive, the quality of the strap somewhat reflected that).  Regardless, I rigged the strap and made them work and I still think they are adorbs!  If I have a long day of meetings, however, I opt for a wide heeler with more support because these shoes are not that comfortable - cute and doable for a date night - but for work meetings all day, not so much!  Overall, this outfit was so easy, kept me warm in this weird weather (sunny but with a breeze and I'm almost always cold) and worked perfectly from day to night!