OOTD - Back to Basics!

Today's "Outfit of the Day" is a simple go-to outfit that works for any occasion.  Here I wore it to a couple of day meetings (I threw on a white blazer for a meeting that required more professional attire); then I kept it on at night while I attended an LA Live Talk.  

You can get these basics anywhere.  Here I am wearing a pair of my most comfortable jeans (Joe’s Jeans), a blush top from Nordstrom (BP), nude heeled sandals (Banana Republic), a dual-colored large leather wristlet (Banana Republic), a Gucci Icon ring (Gucci), and a diamond and gold triangle necklace (also from Nordstrom).  

Sometimes less is more ladies!  Let your natural beauty shine through when you get back to basics!  

OOTD: Casual Friday!

So this is my first post on my new website and I am so excited to start sharing soooo much more!  I had been holding off on posting because I was in the process of changing directions with the site.  Now that the site is complete and live, I thought I'd start with a regular post that I plan to feature weekly (at minimum 1) - an Outfit of the Day post!  

So to begin, I though I'd start with an outfit I would generally wear for work.  Given I have a flexible work schedule (I own my own company and I'm a multi-media journalist), I usually dress up a bit but not too overly dressed - more business casual.  Here I am wearing one of my staples, one of my fave tops - my black turtleneck body suit from Topshop and a skirt I've had forever from Bebe (I'm pretty sure they don't make it anymore but they have lots of great pencil skirts for night and day).  I am also rocking some extremely affordable and adorable shoes I got from Maykool (and while they were very inexpensive, the quality of the strap somewhat reflected that).  Regardless, I rigged the strap and made them work and I still think they are adorbs!  If I have a long day of meetings, however, I opt for a wide heeler with more support because these shoes are not that comfortable - cute and doable for a date night - but for work meetings all day, not so much!  Overall, this outfit was so easy, kept me warm in this weird weather (sunny but with a breeze and I'm almost always cold) and worked perfectly from day to night!  


When you’re a Gal on the go, sometimes the simplest answer to a night out on the town is an easy go-to, like the LBD (Little Black Dress)!  This is one of my faves because it’s simple with a touch of detail – the top of the straps are leather and the outside lining of the pockets have leather too.  I got this LBD at Banana Republic but it looks as though Banana no longer carries it.  Thankfully I was able to find it online (here on E-bay )!  I decided to pair the dress with a cute shoe (and you all know I am a sucker for a wrap-ankle shoe – this one is from Topshop – Nordstrom).  To complete the look, I added a small black clutch (from Gucci).  I love this bag because it fits my cards and make-up; and it has a gold chain, so I can easily wear it on my shoulder or as a cross-body bag (here the chain is in the purse), and it isn’t a logo-overloaded bag which is so not my style!  All in all, the outfit is simple, classic and refined – in line with my style preferences and perfect for a night out on the town!


So I am OBSESSED with my white jeans!  I wear them always and with just about everything!  But the big debate has been, should one wear white after Labor Day (aka in the Winter)?  My vote is a big fat SI!  Yes!  The times, they are a changing, and one can now dress up a pair of white jeans with a cute warm sweater, a flannel, or even a gorgeous thick jacket with a great scarf.  And not one to let go of my signature colors (black and white, if ya haven’t caught on yet), I love pairing my white jeans with black, gray, nude or neutral tops and a pop of color!  Here I pulled together a very quick outfit (literally, as I was heading out the door to shoot with my friend Danny, I was already wearing my white jeans and a white tank (under the sweater) and since it was cold I threw on this nude sweater).  I then added a great scarf for a pop of color!  If ya want to get a similar easy look, just pair an oversized sweater (from Don’t Ask Why – AE) with a pair of white jeans (from American Eagle) and a cool scarf (I got mine from Aldo a year ago – here is a similar version – Aldo).  Then I also added my current favorite pair of heels (from Topshop – Nordstrom) and a neutral purse I like to throw on when I’m wearing nude, tan or neutral colored shoes (from Tory Burch).  It was very last minute thrown together, but I think it works for the Mom on the go who still wants to wear her white pants in Winter and a cute heel to dress it up!  So familia, tell me what you think!  White in the Winter?  As my grandmother use to ask when trying on an outfit, “Dime, Si or No?”  So tell me, Yes or No?


In a rush?  I’ve found that the easiest way to throw together a great outfit is to just stick with one color and one or 2 pieces at most.  No need to mix and match or try to make patterns and colors work (although when I have time, I love to plan all sorts of outfits)!  But given that I’m a single Momma and often in a rush – I just stick to one color and add a neutral shoe (like nude or black) and voila!  Ya got a cool outfit that still looks nice but didn’t take hours to plan.  Here are a couple of my fave examples.  And you can never go wrong with black or white – my two fave colors in my fashion palette!