Isabella and I had the beautiful fortune of getting away, right in our backyard, at the Omni Dallas Hotel!  In early celebration of Mother’s Day, the Omni Dallas invited us to experience the best of the best: their luxe Presidential suite with in-room dining, access to the rooftop pool, a spa-day at Mokara Spa and the most delicious meals ever at Texas Spice, one of many of their fabulous restaurants!

When we first got to the suite, we were like kids in a candy store!  The amazing suite opened onto a gorgeous peek-a-boo rock fireplace overlooking the most grand living area with the best views of all of Dallas.  All of the rooms in the suite had floor-to-ceiling windows with views of downtown Dallas and the most iconic bridges, buildings, highways and skyline.

Isabella and I wasted no time getting comfortable and taking in all of Dallas, while enjoying Mommy and Me time!

Even the extra bathroom had the most magnificent view with perfect selfie lighting!

And the master suite bathroom was my and Izzy’s favorite!  I was excited to see the white marble, deep jacuzzi bathtub (with visions of a relaxing soak in mind!) and Isabella loved the full length mirrors all over the huge bathroom with walk-in closet – perfect for a fashionista like Izzy!

The minute I laid eyes on the master bedroom bed – I was in heaven!  The bedroom also had floor-to-ceiling windows, with a beautiful enclave seating area to sit separately and have lunch or enjoy your fave show.  As you can see, I was just excited to finally relax with my little one!

Of course Izzy had to test out the bed for “jump-ability!”  The Omni Dallas gets an A+ so far!

After relaxing in our room our first day, Izzy and I decided to explore the hotel and it’s many dining options.  With a full day scheduled, we decided to order in, watch a movie and take advantage of our luxurious digs and get some rest!

The next morning Izzy was able to order something extra special for Mommy when she put out our card for a delicious breakfast.  The best part about staying at a luxury hotel like Omni Dallas is the no cooking and cleaning part for this Mama!

We got to have breakfast in bed and watch the sunrise with the most beautiful view ever!

With luxury living like this, gratitude and smiles come easy!

After breakfast in bed, Izzy and I decided to get all dolled up and explore the hotel more.  First stop, the fancy rooftop pool – with more great views!

Being the fashionista that I am, I couldn’t help but take the opportunity to use this stunning backdrop for a couple of pics!

Izzy insisted she dip her toes in the heated pool in anticipation of swimming later in the day and she almost took Mommy in with her!

We agreed we’d go swimming late-night under the stars and city lights, and so jaunted over to Texas Spice to enjoy the best food ever!

At Texas Spice, we indulged in all our little hearts desired!  I fell in love with all of the made-from-scratch organic entrees and I especially liked their homemade Texas style potato salad.  Izzy, on the other hand, went for the buffet and was especially excited about all of the dessert buffet options, naturally!

After lunch, the indulgence continued and we hit up the ultra luxe Mokara Spa for manicures and pedicures.  If you know me and Izzy, ya know we love our mani/pedis!

It was a perfect Mother/Daugther moment – to be able to relax, pamper ourselves and indulge in a day of beauty.

And Izzy never met a spa she didn’t love!  Like Mother, like Daughter!  😉

My little peanut was so wonderfully happy and content to be able to spend time with me and set up a weekend so perfect as an early Mother’s Day gift!  This staycation definitely goes down in the books as best Mother/Daugther getaway ever!  Thank you Omni Dallas Hotel!